How Cooldown Works! Softban vs. Shadowban – Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Reddit Spoof

Pokemon Go Reddit Spoof

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How Cooldown Works! Softban vs. Shadowban - Pokemon Go

Just started spoofing but every pokemon runs away or flees? Cannot spin Pokestops? That’s because you’ve broken cooldown times, and now you’re softbanned. In this video I let you know exactly how cooldown times work, and also what the difference between softban and shadowban are.

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Hello guys so hope you all are good .

hope you enjoyed this video and the meme posted to our video .

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This is a short video on how to fix error 11 and error 12 info from a reddit page. The 100% Safe Pokemon go spoofing hack for ANDROID. Ever wanted to spoof in pokemon go?
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Error and Issue Fixes

Error 11 Fix
– This is normal. so just Move the Joystick
– If moving the JoyStick does not get rid of Error 11, Try the other FGL Methods
– Try playing on Mobile Data rather than Wifi

Error 12 Fix
If this is a constant error, CLOSE POGO AND STOP USING FGL RIGHT AWAY
– Make sure to enable secure mocking
– Make sure app is selected in Dev Options Mocking Location
– Try FGL Pro from Google play store if you are using @Biff627’s Ad free Version

Blank Map on Pokemon Go
– Try playing on Mobile Data rather than Wifi
– If you are using the AD FREE FGL Pro, uninstall it and try a few things
1. Install FGL Pro from the google play store
2. Try FGL Pro No Ads #2
– If you dont have the ad free FGL pro installed you can try this
– Make sure Maps has its cache and data cleared and is either downgraded or disabled (or both tbh)
– Try clearing Pokemon Go’s Cache and Data

Pokemon Go crashses! or Google services keeps updating!
– Go to Setting , software update , and turn off download updates automatically (if you have it)
– Downgrade google services again and restick background data for Google services and Google Play store
– Restrict data by going to Setting , Apps , Google Services , Mobile Data and untick allow background data usage
– You could try disabling the Google Play Store!
Samsung users only
1. Go to #links and download Package Disabler Pro 12.5
2. Search maps and click on it, then clear data and click disable
3. Search update and look for one of these (Carrier Dependent!!)
T-mobile- com.wssyncmldm
AT&T- com.wsdm
4. Disable the one that you see. Don’t disable!!!!
I can’t sign into Pokemon after downgrading services!
(This can be caused by server issues!) (or a Bad Connection)
– Try playing on Mobile Data rather than Wifi
– Make sure Google Services version 12.6.85 is installed
– Try opening and closing the app and see if that helps
– If that doesnt help either clear POGO’s data and try again, or uninstall and reinstall 115.2 in useful links.
– You could try force stopping google services and reopening the app!

I can’t uninstall google services! (Unable to uninstall because app is a device admin)
1. Make sure that Find My Phone is disabled in device admin
2. Make sure Google Pay is uninstalled!!! (This SHOULD stop Google services from being updated!)
If you cant uninstall it or disable it after turning off find my phone, then you cant use this as of now
If you updated your phone very recently, It was most likely an update that is trying to counter this method(edited)
Unable to Authenticate!!!
– The root cause (haha) of this issue seems to be the phone was previously rooted and POGO is detecting this.
– Another cause is having the wrong google play services installed. So uninstall it and make sure you have the right one!
– Refer to Steps 5-6 to make sure you have the right version Pick whatever guide best fits you
– If that isnt the case, try clearing cache and data of POGO
– If that doesnt work, uninstall and reinstall POGO and reboot
– Last resort….. It seems that a factory reset might help! (Yea I know… Ouch….)
Rubber Banding Fix
– Main Cause of this issue is not using the exact google services version needed for your device
– Try force closing FGL and opening it again
– Try clearing Cache for FGL and POGO
– Try a different method in FGL
– Try playing on Mobile Data rather than Wifi
– Make sure Google Services did not update(edited)

#urscrewed #pokemongo #spoofing

My name is Urscrewed, and i hope you enjoy the video.
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