Pokemon Go: Buddy System, No Limit to Candy!

Pokemon Go Coin Limit

Pokemon Go Coin Limit

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In this Pokemon Go video, I ride my Bicycle for 12+ Km in order to test if there is a Limit to how many Candy one could get from use of the Buddy system! Check out my Facebook page: htps://www.facebook.com/TheDiamondEnchantedBow
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Hey Trainers , So basically I ended my curiosity today by acquiring maximum possible Pokemon gyms around my place until , They couldn’t let me anymore, It turns out there is limit on hom many Pokemon gyms you can acquire for poke coins , as you all know you can earn only 50 poke coins per day which means, if you collect 50 Pok√© coins by one Pokemon or some more pokemon it won’t be more than 50 coins , But as it turns out you can’t add unlimited Pokemon in gyms you can only acquire 17 gyms and if you defend them all perfectly them might give you poke coins for atleast week or two , so after adding all these pokemon there won’t be option to add more so it would be impossible to add more , so for maximum poke coins you can only add 17 Pokemon on gyms for your sake.